Alliance Certification 

About us

Alliance Certification as official legal Authorized Representative offers the following services:

Use of Alliance Certification's name and registered address in Europe;
Notification to the Competent Authorities of the CE Declaration of Conformity;
Administration of the technical file;
Technical and legal representation, assistance, and reporting in case of incidents or claims and
Represent the Manufacturer in case of withdrawal of products

Responsibilities of The Authorized Representative

Registering of your Product with the Authorities before they are marketed (if necessary);
Keeping your technical file documentation ready and available for the European Competent Authorities;
Be responsible for incident reporting before Competent Authorities, in close liaison with the Manufacturer and distributors; 
Notification of serious Product incidents to the Competent Authorities; 
Represent the Manufacturer to the European Commission for consultation in case of withdrawal of a Product by a Member State(s); 
Keep at the disposal of Competent Authorities the report concerning the critical evaluation of all data collected during the evaluation; 
Represent the Manufacturer before the national Competent Authorities in the European Economic Area; 
Be available at all times to interact between the Manufacturer and the national Competent Authorities; 
Be informed by the Competent Authorities of any incident(s); 
Notify the Competent Authorities as to which investigations are to be conducted; 
Act as your primary contact point for the EU Authorities; 
Protect your documentation confidentiality because the Authorized Representative is authorized to show them to the Competent Authorities only.
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