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Our practical expertise and broad network of affiliated laboratories throughout the world enables us to provide testing services at competitive prices and a short turnaround time can be achieved to certify a product. 

Alliance Certification  has the ability to carry out technical CE certification modifications to products, in order to ensure that they comply with the CE marking directives. 

EU Representative

Alliance Certification takes complete responsibility for the CE marking, CE certification, product safety and liability of the products in Europe.

Alliance Certification, with head office in United Kingdom is appointed internationally as official legal Authorized Representative for producers and exporters outside the European Union who intend to or are exporting their products to Europe. 

EMC Testing

Alliance Certification provides you with both "pre-compliance" and "full compliance" testing. We can also give you help evaluating the various technical aspects of your products in great detail. For example, specific customer requirements and/or analysis of any margins for standard requirement levels regarding emission and immunity. 

We have the resources to perform tests at your location, when that is more appropriate. Nearly 50% of all products do not fulfil the EMC requirements at the first testing. By testing products at an early stage in the product development process you can save a lot of time and money.

Safety Testing

Our safety test facilities offer assessment and testing to British, European and International standards on a wide range of electrical and electronic business and domestic equipment. We are continually expanding our capability to cover an increasingly broad range of standards. Any supplier of electrically powered equipment is legally obliged to ensure his products are safe. The most practical route to demonstrate compliance is by testing to the relevant harmonised standards. Within the European Union (EU), electrically powered equipment must be demonstrated to comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC (LVD). All products covered by the scope of the LVD must carry CE marking. The CE marking symbol is your customers' guarantee that your products meet the requirements of all relevant EU Directives. Similar product marking requirements may apply to countries outside Europe.

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